Sunday, April 18, 2021

"A Tribute to Bob Hope"

 Bob Hope, the legendary movie/TV comedian and entertainer was a century-old before he passed away in 2003. At the ripe old age of 100, Hope had performed in hundreds of USO events since 1941, entertaining US military audiences in far-flung theaters of conflict, from World War II to the Gulf War. Bob Hope kept our men and women in uniform filled with laughter on every visit as he raised morale and was true to his name in giving “hope” to our crews and platoons that they would soon return home. Here is a quick Navy tribute to the Great Bob Hope who was made an Honorary Veteran by President Clinton in 1997. I hope you enjoy the pictures…



  1. I can not believe Bob and Deloris are not buried in Arlington.

  2. His love for this country and it's defenders knew no bounds. One of our greatest Americans and he was born in England.