Monday, October 6, 2014

‘Running You Ragged’

This one was sent to me by a Cold War shipmate who either worked with ASROC Nukes or was a Submariner… not sure which…


An E Division Chief while sitting on the aft workbench drinking coffee and looking down at me scrubb’n the deck on the mid watch…

“You know why the Navy is always running you ragged?”

“Why’s that, Chief?”

“To keep you pissed off, that’s why. Happy, contented sailors might think twice about launching a missile that will kill 20 million people in an instant. But, on the other hand, take your average pissed off swabbie who’s cleaning something that’s not dirty for the umpteenth time! He’ll push that button in a fuck’n heartbeat!! Don’t kid yourself, the Navy knows this. And that’s why you’re scrubb’n this deck for the thirtieth time this month!!

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