Monday, February 16, 2015

'To Be TAD Or Not To Be'

Please excuse the fact I don’t know the author of this story as it isn’t me… but absolutely outstanding ending nevertheless!

I was on a flag, The LaSalle, working in Radio Central with ship’s staff where rules and regulations were under staff! One of the staff rules was if your spouse was to give birth while the ship was underway you were given TAD orders to stay behind (the ship never got underway for more than 30 days)!

This particular underway period would be less than three weeks and an E-5 in my section put in his request to stay behind! Our Senior Chief denied his request saying the due date was too close to our return date!! The E-5 came back to radio saying how fucked up that was not realizing the Senior Chief was behind him!!!

The Senior Chief Lifer asked what the problem was in a condescending tone! The E-5 explained how he was the first one to have his request denied!! Senior Chief then replied…

“I was underway for the births of all three of my kids and I didn’t bitch about it.”

… trying to justify  himself! All I could say in response…

“Well you were underway for the conception as well... so it wasn’t that big of a deal!”