Wednesday, August 26, 2015


This one comes from an OS2 off a Knox back in 1972! Great Story Folks…

While on duty in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1972, getting mail was damned difficult at times! Since we were always on the move, we missed the drop offs on many stints!! At times I think the Navy didn’t even know where we were!!!

The following author is not known, but I am sure this happened to all the forces in Viet Nam at one time or another…

" And now the news from the Far East: The South Vietnamese today surrendered to the American Forces, the American Forces surrendered to the North Vietnamese, the North Vietnamese surrendered to the French Canadians and Canadians beat the Bruins four to two. The City of Olongopo in the Philippines today was hit by the worst disaster in the city’s history, it was overrun by thousands of virgin women. And all the while U.S. Naval Forces off the coast of Vietnam were surprise attacked by several tons of US air mail!!!”

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