Saturday, April 26, 2014

'Chief Mess Coffee'

The ‘New Chief’ walks up to the CPO Mess Crank and asks…

“What the hell is this coffee or tea?”

… to which the Mess Crank replies…

“Well Chief, what does it taste like?”

… So the Chief says…

“Well, it tastes like JP-5!”

… to which the Mess Crank replies…

“Well Chief, it must be coffee for sure… because the Tea tastes like JP-10!”


  1. Had some dumb crank get placed in the Goat Locker. First day he was trying to be a go getter, so he washed all the coffee cups out. Was surprised that he survived!

  2. it was probably me, fuck you, we didnt get instructions.. nor on what to do when told to place a dead fly by an E-8 on the peacn pie the E-7 was going to eat!

  3. I had to mess cook for the chiefs - I had one particular chief that was more cranky the the others and he made my life miserable. One time he asked for and egg sandwich. I had the cook fry the eggs instead of scrambling them - Chief bit into the sandwich and the yolk got all over him! Very funny watching him!