Monday, August 4, 2014

'Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death'

Just prior to pulling in for liberty the Chief was holding Quarters…

“Now I know the lotta ya want to go out on liberty… but there’s going to be a field day prior to liberty call and I’ll be inspecting spaces!” If I find any ‘Unsat’ you’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon sweep’n, swabb’n, scrubb’n, and curs’n!!”

… way back in the ranks a voice hollered…

“Give me liberty or Give me Death!”

… a pissed off Chief roars…

“Who in the hell said that!”

… to which another replies…

“Patrick Henry you dumb ass!”


  1. I remember something like that on a little DE-1022.

  2. Our chief, a Filipino ETC, never did that BS.

  3. I never had to give any of those speeches. Everyone knew that if I went around at 11am and everything was ready, everyone but the duty section would be gone by noon. If not, we stayed until it was done.
    Result? Most of it was already done by Thursday evening. Sailors aren't stupid when it comes to liberty. They just need good incentive.