Friday, August 1, 2014

‘Beware The Girl in Every Port’

I don’t have firsthand knowledge but a shipmate on Facebook sent this one…

I joined the Navy to ‘See The World’' as the ol’ saying goes back in the 90s! But after three years on shore the closest I ever got was a weekend trip in the Gulf of Mexico on a mine sweeper!!

You see I grew up in Rockford, Illinois where I’d went to school but was based down in Ingleside, Texas and had a girlfriend in both places! I was planning some Christmas leave one year, and the night before taking leave, I took my girlfriend in Ingleside on a date where we proceeded to a secluded area in my car!! Naturally, I got an early Christmas present in the back seat!!!

Two days later while back home in Rockford, I was out again with my girl back home! This time in the midst of receiving a second Christmas present… in the back seat of my car… the windows were closed and started to steam up!! It was at this point my girl back home noticed the outline of female sized feet on the back seat window and realized they weren’t hers!!!

Yep… that kind’a spoiled the moment a little and she never spoke to me again!!!!


  1. beware of taking hookers on board in naples

    1. Haha! Lol! They were called "Riccioni's" and as an MP stationed at NSA Naples from 91 to 95, we used to sit in our patrol cars downtown and watch the sailors from the visiting ships go and have fun with the much fun and great memories!

  2. was there when it was CVA-67.. 1970... Magic Marv on WJFK radio

  3. Next time ... use Windex!