Tuesday, December 2, 2014

'Rain Locker Humor'

The RDC in Boot Camp talking to one of his Recruits…
"They did a survey of a few guys on a ship recently. They found out that half of them beat off in the shower. The other half sing in there. You know what they sing?"

 "No, Chief. What?"

"Well… now we know which half you belong too..."


  1. that cartoon is not funny *shudder*

    hot water in the IO...cold water in the North Atlantic...ah yes, the good old days. ;)

    1. Try doing a cruise using salt water showers and salt water soap. Of course they can't heat the salt water, so it is always cold

  2. He would beat off so often in the shower, that he would get a hard on, every time it rained.

  3. Cool story bro but who takes off their shower shoes before getting in the shower? Now he has some shit that will never go away. Suds are temporary, jungle rot is not. ;)

  4. showers in boot were open , we all stood around a shower head shooting water 360 degrees, so beating ya jane fonda would be hard to hide ! ;)