Tuesday, January 6, 2015

‘And Forever That River Flows’

14-47 was the latitude…

And on Alava Pier we were set to get screwed,
On good old San Miguel we all got stewed,
And tried not to smile when we got blewed!

Subic, Subic Sailors!
Salty young lads of the Sea!
Subic, Subic Sailors!
Just remember, nothing is for free!!

Fed the crocagators outside Pauline’s…
But didn’t bit the heads off ((that was mean)),
Saw the strangest sights that we’d ever seen…
Rather we were Fifty years of age or Seventeen!!!

Subic, Subic Sailors!
Sea Daddy will teach you right!
Subic, Subic Sailors!
Be across the brow by midnight!!

In the sick bay line you’ll take your turn…
If three days later it starts to burn!
A sorry lesson that some lads need to learn….
When the title of ‘Asia Hand’ they wanted to earn!!

Subic, Subic Sailors!
Now just give your soul to God!
Subic, Subic Sailors!
Gotta keep in mind your PCOD!!

Some say it’s legend…
Some say it’s lies!
But to us it’s a memory that will never die!
Aunt Tillie wou8ld gasp… “Oh me, Oh my!”
If she saw the horrors behind your fly!

Subic, Subic Sailors!
Remembering Olongapo!
Subic, Subic Sailors!
And forever that River Flows!!!

-Owyn ‘The Preacher’ Bradford


  1. Truer words never spoken

  2. Should be called: That Bridge Over Troubled Water.

  3. Subic was some of the best times of my life, thanks for helping me remember, Shipmate!

  4. Then there was this new bar-girl who couldn't stand flies.....until she unzipped her first one!

  5. I grew up quick in the Po!

    Da Senior Chief!