Wednesday, January 25, 2017

'One Thousand Dollars To Any Man Who Can...'

“One Thousand Dollars To Any Man Who Can Make Love To One Of Our Girls Ten Times in Succession!”

… Read the sign on the wall of the brothel!  A sailor who had just returned from ten months at sea decided to accept such a challenge!! Picking himself a particularly appetizing, pleasantly plump brunette as a partner, he started strong but began to falter after the seventh performance!!!

When the somewhat sated seaman asked the girl what the count was, she said…

“That’s Five times Mr. Sailor Boy!”

Realizing the girl was lying to keep him from winning the wager he became furious and refused to continue until he was given an honest count! At that point the house madam entered to investigate the shouts of the outrage!! She managed to soothe the young sailor by agreeing that he must be satisfied with the scoring!!!

“There is only one way to settle this dear! We’ll simply start the count over from the beginning!”

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