Friday, January 6, 2017

'Whores Of Sailortown'

Another Sailor’s Shanty brought to you by Salty Dick!  This one here highlights the truly global intercourse of the Windbag Westpac Sailor of old!!!

For there was nothing like a Crackerjack coming back from Sea getting tore up from the floor up only to find a fair maiden who was ready and willing to give him that lesson in love for an hourly wage…

Here's to the whores of Sailortown,
The white, the black, the yellow and brown.
Walk right in, lay your money down
And fuck the night away.

There's Betty from Port Adelaide,
The prettiest hooker I ever laid.
She has a cunt that is snug enough,
And tits as big as the Sunday duff.

There's a sing-song gal out in Hong Kong
Takes every inch of my whopping dong.
She knows her way around my cock
From the hours we spent at strop and block.

In Dunkirk there is sweet Marie,
As clever a tart as you will see.
Set a franc down by your cup -
With her cunt lips she'll pick it up.

There's Fat Louise who weighs a ton,
Built like a cow, in more ways than one:
Shoves a champagne bottle up her cunt
'Til nothing is seen expect the punt.

There's Nelly out in Frisco town,
She can really blow me down.
Says I'm better than the rest,
Let's me fuck the hole I like the best.

In Antwerp, by the Kattendyke,
Annie sings a song I like:
"Jiggy-jiggy, Johnny, it's so fine -
Come and get some sixty-nine."

There's Maria down in Valapo,
Sweet as far as putas go.
Whatever I want she doesn't mind -
Up on top or from behind.

There's Nancy lives in Port Mahon,
By God, she is an Amazon.
She'll wrap her legs around my waist
And mash her tits against my face.

Now Meg's the queen of Tiger Bay,
Always right for a roll in the hay.
If a sailor comes in worth a mint
She will fuck him 'til he's skint.

You'll find Kate in Liverpool -
She could run a whoring school.
She'll drink, and fuck me all week long
'Til my pulp and jiz are both all gone.

I thought you all might like it! Being use to a whore’s unruly sea legs… It’s catchy… like the Clap!!! 


  1. You forgot Humpty Dumpty in Naples and Gummi Yalla in Philipines to name a couple. And lets not forget about the Bremamlo's!

  2. Been there... Done that..

  3. Joe McDonald, QMC (SW) Ret. 1999January 15, 2017 at 5:13 PM

    Well if you mention Humpty Dumpty of Naples, don't forget about The Campfire Girls right down the road. Lol