Saturday, November 19, 2011

‘Those Damned Ensigns’

An ensign who after his evening repast, asked the duty mess cook:

“Seaman Jones, I would like a bowl of chocolate ice cream for dessert.”

But the mess cook replies,

“I’m sorry sir, but our delivery of chocolate ice cream was short chocolate ice cream and we are out.”

The young ensign replies,

“In that case sailor, I’ll just have a nice chocolate ice cream, that’s an order.”

“Sir, can you spell ‘van’ as in Vanilla?”

“of course, V_A_N!”

“Sir, can you spell ‘straw as in strawberry?”

“Certainly, S_T_R_A_W.”

“Sir, can you spell ‘stink’ as in chocolate?”

“There is no ‘stink’ in chocolate seaman jone!”

“That Sir, is what I’ve been try’n to tell you!!!

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