Wednesday, June 11, 2014

‘Olongapo bar’

A poem I picked up from another Blog by a Shippy who goes by Blind Dog!!!

ship of gray, morning haze
been at sea thirty days
endless horizon, oceans blue
much like jail, been there too
docked in port, ready to go
my favorite bar in Olongapo
moody music, dim lights
lonely sailors, dress whites
local girls, working nights
sexy skirts starting fights
drunken men on the floor
money gone, out the door
had duty, skipped my watch
in the bar drinking scotch
drank too much, on the deck
shore patrol, what the heck
locked me in, stinking jail
damn marines, what the hell
captain’s mast, anchors aweigh
lost my rank, lost my pay
I’ll be back another day

-Blind Dog

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