Wednesday, April 15, 2015

‘You might be a Shipmate’

‘You might be a Shipmate’

Ain’t it funny how ‘Shipmate’ is only used when you're in trouble or someone is trying to get your attention? I think the original concept was for bonding together as a team… but we use it as a term of endearment like “Hey asshole.” So here is a list of ‘Shipmate’ meanings I found on another site I hope entertains you:


·         You might be a "Shipmate" if...

·         You scream out to the guy in front of you "Hey, Shipmate" even though his name is written across his ass

·         You scream "Hey, Shipmate!" to the guy in front of you when his name ISN'T written across his ass and proceed to shit all over him for it

·         You think you're "helping" by reporting all divisional problems to the Chief or above to receive input on how to fix said problems

·         A backpack on someone's shoulder means something to you

·         You actually READ the "All Hands" magazine rather than just grab a few for when you're out of toilet paper

·         You wear camouflage and you're in the navy

·         You think a counseling chit is a useful tool vice a punishment

·         You get offended if someone has a PAPERCLIP attached to their uniform

·         You only associate with people that have the same sized nest under their crow...or bigger

·         Whenever asked to perform some mundane task, your first impulse is to find someone with fewer stripes

·         It is more important to you to have a clean, pressed working uniform than actually soil it doing work

·         Other people do your work for you

·         You are always the first person in line for food

·         You want to be president of the First Class Association

·         You have military creases on your dungarees

·         You wear the title of "Lifer" proudly



  1. Paperclip. Aint heard that one in ages.

  2. I used to wear them all the time. Lived up to it too.

  3. Better to be a shipmate than a buddy. A buddy is a shipmate that hits the beach and gets two blowjobs and comes back and gives you one.