Friday, December 18, 2015

Five Ancient Mariner Truisms Every Sailor Should Live By

If you get dumped, don't worry! Women are like streetcars; a new one comes along every ten minutes…

Never get married! It's cheaper to buy a house every ten years and give it to some woman you hate...

Never date a chick with big hands! It makes your willy look small…

Never buy something that floats, flies or f--ks. Rent it; it's cheaper…

Stick it to ‘The Man’ whenever you can!”


  1. Is that a sailer Jerry label... If so please send me one. I collect them so I can put them on my bar.

    1. Nope... it's another artist... not sure of the name. Found it on a tattoo shop's art page.

    2. Reminds me of pics that you would see at "Painless Nell" Tattoo Parlors in San Diego during the 60s'.

  2. Or these:
    1. Love cost the same as air condition
    2. Night off papers are worth it buy a weeks worth and a good room
    3. Eat Balut and dring San Miguel together and you will have wet beer farts for a week.
    4. I would have paid to go out the main gate and cross shit river! It's like XXX rated Disneyland on Magsaysay
    5. Don't "butterfly" increases your chances of both a painful ass from the Doc and Death by a bar girl with a knife by the same name. Joe III HM1 RET.

  3. DanZ 84-94 CV-41 and 61December 19, 2015 at 6:52 AM

    Add these as well:
    1. Don't try to drink all the booze in the bar in one night.
    2. If you forget #1 make sure to have shipmates who have your back to bail you out of jail, back you in a fight and or get you back to the ship.
    3. Make sure to talk to "mamasan" before you pay that bar fine.
    4. When writing your girl/s back home make sure you put the right letter in the correct envelope. (I failed at this one)
    5. You shipmates are NOT going to talk you out of doing something stupid.
    6. Never let someone take pictures (now include video) of you that you don't want your girl to see.
    7.Ignore all of the above and just say fuck it and have a good time 30/30 goes fast and you will have good stories to tell later.

    1. 30/30 goes fast.....LMAO