Thursday, December 3, 2015


Here’s one sent by an old Coot from way back in the Fifties off an old FRAM Tin Can, the Dirty Duncan DDR 874…

This is just a funny anecdote to add to your collection of ‘No Shitters!’  In 52’ we were tied up in a nest in Sasebo, Japan loading supplies!! The crew as usual went on the beach and as you know we were not allowed overnighters since Japan was still occupied!!!

The next morning as all four destroyers were to leave port for Korea we were all blown away by a stunt that some crew members had pulled!! We were tied up next to the USS Brinkley Bass, DD 887, as well as the USS Stickell and the Isabel!!!

It appeared as though someone, probably with a snoot full of Nippon beer, got a water taxi to tie up to the stern of the Brinkley Bass! They had with them a can of haze grey and some brushes and proceeded to pain over the letter ‘B’ on both the first and last names of the ship!! Thus when she pulled out to sea she steamed out proudly as the USS Rinkley Ass!!!

The crew of the Bass was blamed for this and received restrictions on their next visit!  I don’t know who did it but I have my suspicions and I don’t think it was any of the Brinkley’s crew!! Lighter moments were not always well thought out as evident in these occurrences!!!


  1. As a crew member of Orleck DD-886 we said goodbye in Bremerton as she went into the reserve fleet. The majority of the crew then boarded the Brinkley Bass DD-887 (Orlecks sister) for yet another West Pac & gunline crews. Taking the lead from the salts that came before WE too pulled the same sham/scam that backfired on US to~ WE had a drunken midnite paint party that NO one would claim. Our Capt. (a reg. Michales Navy "Led Bottom") was none too pleased. Thanx to Dan the Navy Man & Al Erickson (Orleck shipmate '72) for the hand-off~ W. Bill Springer BT3