Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year My Friends!!!

Did you ever go home on holiday leave and get in a no shit argument at the  dinner table with an uncle or a sibling and tell them to ‘Go Fuck Themselves’  and never know you said it…until your dear ol’ mother told you an hour later?!?


  1. Oh yeah. Mom once told me to watch my mouth at the table. Naturally I replied " why? What the fu** did I say" I can attest that her hand struck out quicker than a viper. the side of my face was red for hours.

  2. I got home from boot camp and we sat down to a nice steak dinner and I promptly asked my dad to pass the fuckin' salt. Well I knew what I had done and apologized immediately.

  3. A few letters home from Boot Camp served as a fair warning ... as my Pop informed me while picking me up at the airport.

    1. I recall riding home from the airport after bootcamp telling stories. Dad told me I should watch my language. Huh? Then it dawned on me that some of my language wasn't "mom's ears" appropriate.

  4. formal dinner party at parents house and I asked a guest to "pass the fuckin' salt". My dad told me about this a few years later.

  5. Yep BTDT. Dad told me if I spoke like that in front of my Mom she' smack me, but if I spoke like that to his *wife* he'd deck me.