Wednesday, July 6, 2016


When I picture the ol’ salts who are now expats hang’n the fray in faraway places like the PI… I picture this!!!

Holding fond memories of Olongapo, Barrio and Subic City… oh, and the place that made ‘Smiles’ famous, it’s become a retirement home to ol’ forgone Sailors & Marines!!!

I bet you promised yourself you’d behave when you got there! But it only took a half pitcher of Mojo, a few San Migoos and a Viagra or Two… and off to the races in your Hawaiian Shirts and plaid shorts with your black socks on under your flip flops… HaHaHaHa!!!

 Those exotic little brown women… They smile, wink and say,

"Hey you, you buy me drink?"

They know the exact amount 'American' it cost for you to get beyond their panties! Yes… A little slice of erotic intimacy with the meter running!! At the going rate of the peso, you can get drunk, laid, and a monkey meat fiesta for less than an hour’s pay in the states!!!

So, there you are in a foreign land… half lit-up, plotting an adventure in unacceptable behavior… … a romp through youthful indiscretion! Envious?!? Your Gauddamned right I am!!!  

Those little dark-eyed darlings with stuff residing under those cute little skirts that'll have you drunk on lust! Nothing like a place to lounge and get loaded while basking in the sun and chasing Honey-koes day in and day out while living like Kings!! That’s the life!!!

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