Monday, August 15, 2016

'Riggin Bill' (Continued from the April Letter)

Just the semi-articulate account of a long ago Crackerjack and his troubles & tributes with women and the lost ways of life in those days!!!

Dear Bill:

The garden in our corner of the Navy Yard has not yet been seen by y father! Before he does see it, I want him to have a good stiff drink of Vodka from a gallon jug!! Yesterday I went to have a look at the garden, not the vodka, you drank that!!!

The plants are just as you described in your April letter only much bigger now! They’re definitely going to be trees not vines,   and thus far are as tall as I am!! Two of them snapped at me and missed!! Frankly it reminded me of you, just as you’re about to make a pass, but you never miss!!!

Little Chestnut like objects have started to sprout from the twigs and they don’t look like watermelons to me!  I wonder if the garden is even safe?  If any Navy Yard workers are missing we can be pretty sure where they are!! That reminds me, a midget who was working in the Yard has not been seen in three days!! I wonder if that Vodka-Watermelon-Coconut plant is responsible?!?

My father will be back tomorrow! The Navy sent him down south to do some work with Navy bombing crews!! It seems the practice bombing at the training fields have not been satisfactory and papa, who is an expert, has been trying to straighten things out!! Believe me, more than bombs will fall when he looks at his Victory Garden!!!

Bill, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you unless it happened to me and you!  But I think my father is going to be M.A.D…!!!

I just took another look out the window!  The plants are now trees, much higher that the house!! Do you think someone is giving them vitamin pills?!?

Your Little,

Violet Raye

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