Friday, September 23, 2016

'Admiral Glass'

I was the POOW one fine Navy day when the guy that I relieved received a call that Admiral Glass was coming to visit Seaman Lipshitz! He told the OOD about the call and he called the Deck Division Officer to come up to the Quarter Deck!! When we took over the watch we were told to watch for an Admiral coming to the ship, he would be there around 1700 Hours!!!

At 1645 SN Lipshitz showed up in his dress uniform as the CO, XO and the CDO were all standing tall on the fantail waiting! A couple of minutes before 1700 Hours a truck turns onto the pier and stops at our brow!! On the side of his truck was a sign "Admiral Glass"…

The guy was there to change Seaman Lipshitz’ windshield!

Lipshitz knew he was coming but was vacant between the ears when his Division Officer told him that an Admiral was coming to visit! I was able to keep a straight face until they dismissed Lipschitz and the whole group on the fantail lost it!! The catch phrase after that was…

"Keep a keen eye out for Admiral Glass!"


  1. We were tied up in Subic at NavMag and a friend from on base wanted to come out for a visit to see me.
    So I get a call from the Quarterdeck that LtCdr Smith was on the Quarterdeck and wanted to see me. When I got down there Smitty was standing nearby with a shitty grin on his face. I told him to get his dumb azz out out of there before someone wrote him up for impersonating an officer. Fortunately he got away without getting busted, and I didn't get in trouble for having stupid friends.