Thursday, September 1, 2016

'Navy Acronyms...'

I tell you we’ve got so many acronyms in the Navy they're piling up like dry leaves on a fire hydrant…

SHORTLY AFTER ARRIVING at my assignment to the staff of the Chief of Naval Personnel in Millington, Tennessee, I was shown around by one of my co-workers! In the library were dozens of manuals labeled with the kinds of acronyms the military is so fond of, like NAVSANDA (Navy supplies and accounts) and NAVWEPS (Navy weapons systems)!! At the end of one row, I noticed a vaguely familiar set of manuals called NAVNUDES!!  I opened them up, and to my surprise they turned out to be the latest copy of Penthouse, Playboy & Hustler Magazines!!!


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  2. Wrong section should have been under "WHY WE FIGHT"