Tuesday, September 13, 2016

'Riggin' Bill... (September Edition)'

Just the semi-articulate account of a long ago Crackerjack and his troubles & tributes with women and the lost ways of life in those days!!!

Dear Bill:

Flatly, the reason I have been by-passing all the passes you’ve made in my direction is this!  I don’t quite T-R-U-S-T  you, dear!!  You see, a circus performer, especially a contortionist acrobat like me, gets around and sees the world!

This morning I received a shock which, if properly wired, would furnish enough power to light a city! One of your Sailor friends came to my circus tent and confessed the reason you were having dates with me was just to win a bet!! He claimed that if I went out on another date with you, the tenth one, he was careful to point out, you would win a month’s pay from ten of your friends… and all that time I thought it was my flexibility and not money you liked!!!

I was so astonished I called Rusty Irons, the Circus strong man, to console me! Rusty, a very cleaver boy, suggested that perhaps I was being unfair to you… and he made a suggestion that will test your love for me!! Here it is… On our tenth date, yours truly is scheduled to perform, but I’m changing the time!! Let’s meet at eight O’clock during the main show… in the gorilla’s cage!!!

If you truly love me as  you claimed while I was contorting in all those sexual positions, a little thing like a gorilla shouldn’t bother you!  If you don’t come, the date’s off, and your loving girlfriend Rosie Glow is planning to fade out of your life… and of course you’ll lose the bet!!  If you do come and manage to weather the gorilla, I promise not to mix business with pleasure on our next date!!!

Patiently ,

Rosie Glow

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