Saturday, February 4, 2017

'Picking Up Dames'

Well wouldn’t you know it! Some years ago back in 1966, the ol’ Canoe Club made a sixteen minute film on the proper ways to pick up a woman… specifically a brunette woman!! Nope, this ain’t just some written yarn trying to josh your jockeys… this here is a real live ‘No-Shitter!!!

Apparently its part of a stash of some Twenty-Seven Hundred films the Pentagon had archived over the years! I think a little reel like this would set off a ‘PC’ Shit Storm in today’s society!! It’s all about the do’s and don’ts of picking up the ladies and somewhat dated if you know what I’m saying!!!

I’m trying to reckon with the idea if they were trying to teach young men to be gentlemen or prepping a stud service for the ladies! Even Eleanor Roosevelt once said … “Sailors have the cleanest bodies but the dirtiest mouths!”  Where do you think the ol’ saying comes from to ‘Cuss Like A Sailor?!?’

As long as the sea’s been blue Sailors have had a girl or two in every port! We’d been screwing them from nineteen to ninety-nine in every whore house around the world from London to Hong Kong to Timbuktu!! I suppose the ol’ Canoe Club was trying to make us more candor and gentile like… “Golly Jee Whiz Beaver” & “Scout’s Honor,” and all that kind of jazz!!!

What ever happened to the days of buying a broad a beer and grabbing her ass?!? If she responds in kind you know you’re getting laid tonight!! That’s how the game is supposed to be played!!!

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Art Work Thanks to Frank Delatorre


  1. Or as the Donald would say "grab em by their pussies. Now there's a sailor at heart.

  2. Well said!!! Shippy!!!!