Friday, February 10, 2017

‘The Matlow Told Me’

What is a Matlow you ask?!? Well, a Matlow is the British spelling of the French word for sailor… Matelot! ‘The Matlow Told Me’ also known as ‘The Fucking Machine’  is part of the ‘Salty Dick’ collection of Bawdy Sea Chanties… I hope you enjoy!!!

A matlow told me before he died
And I've no reason to think he lied.
He knew a whore with a cunt so wide
That she could never be satisfied.

So he built a bloody great wheel
Two balls of brass and a prick of steel.
The balls of brass were filled with cream
And the whole fucking issue was driven by steam.

Round and round went the bloody great wheel,
In and out went the prick of steel,
Until at last this whore she cried,
"Enough, enough, I'm satisfied!"

Now we come to the sorry bit
For there was no way of stopping it.
She was split from cunt to tit,
And the whole fucking issue was covered in shit.

(Click On The Link To Hear The Chanty)

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