Saturday, December 17, 2011

‘Sailors & Marines’

A Sailor was having a drink at the bar. A Marine walks in and orders a shot of whiskey, drinks it down, grabs the sailor and whips him all over the bar. He then drags the sailor up to the bar, and tells the barkeep,When he comes to tell him,That was Karate from Korea.

The sailor comes to, climbs back up on the bar stool. The barkeep tells him what the Marine said. After several minutes the Marine comes back in, orders a shot, drinks it, and whips the sailor again. This time the Marine tells the barkeep, When he comes to tell him that was Jujitsu from Japan.

The sailor comes to, gets back on the stool and the barkeep tells him what the Marine said. The sailor starts another drink when the marine comes back in and orders another shot. Before the marine drinks it, the sailor says, Wait just a minute, come outside with me.

A few minutes later the sailor comes back in the bar dragging the bloody marine, and throws him up against the bar, he then lays a crowbar on the bar and tells the barkeep, If he comes to tell him thats a crowbar from Sears!!!


  1. You, bet your Ass, We Squids WILL get it done any way we need, ROFLMAO !

  2. he must have been in supply obviously not an 0311