Wednesday, May 7, 2014

'Another Sordid Tale From The PI'

Sometimes I like to find other tidbits & tails from other seafarers from around the World Wide Web! And this one is from a Shipmate who refers to himself as Popeye from Cedar Rapids, Iowa!! He was on the Midway and a couple other Bird Farms back in the days of Vietnam!!!


Now for a sordid tale from the Philippines…

When I was stationed in the Philippines from 1975-77 most of the guys there were real salts. We had a few boot-campers but most everyone was a fleet sailor!!!

In mid '76 we got an AO2 newbie. He had been on shore duty his whole first enlistment on the east coast. He knew nothing about Subic except the scuttlebutt he’d heard. He was married and both he and his wife were from Minnesota. He had shipped over to get stationed in the Philippines because at that time it counted as sea duty… shipmate tried real hard to skate out of real sea duty he did!!

Anywhoo... he arrived in Cubi Pt without his wife… she was back home in Minnesota! They were waiting for on base housing then she would come over. In her short absence the fella turned into a wild man!! He was out every night… all night doing whatever in God’s name knows who!! We told him he'd better slow down... he could catch VD... which was rampant in the Philippines…

“No problem!”

…he said…

If I catch anything I’ll just go off base and put on some antibiotics…

Back in those days if you reported to sick call with VD they wanted to know your last known contact and if you were married they were obligated to tell your wife!!!

Finally after about 4 months his wife arrived! Do you know that fool AO2 newbie was out in town doin' the nasty the day before she arrived? Idiot!! Anyway, she was a big blonde woman… Very Big!! She seemed nice but out of place in the Philippines… Round eye ya' know!! She caught wind of some of AO2 newbie’s escapades and the little fellar was on lockdown for some time!! She must’a really loved him!!!

Christmas rolls around and weapons department has a big party at one of the two very nice hotels off base! Honestly most of the hotels in Olongopo were ‘Flea bags’ in those days!! This one was, very, very nice… US quality!! We had tons of food, booze, live music and half price rooms if we wanted to stay overnight!! It was a great time had by all… Well about 2200 AO2 newbie and his Gigantic Round Eye Wife had to leave!! I remember… I had duty the next day so my now ex-wife and I went home!!!

When AO2 newbie got home… he somehow convinced his wife that he should go back to the party and get some of that chow and bring it back! He assured her he would be right back because of the 0000 to 0400 curfew off base at the time!! Anyway, AO2 hops in his old Pontiac… tools his way out to the hotel… does not stop to collect two-hundred peso... and goes to Subic City!! He picks up this ‘Hostess’ he knew before his wife arrived in da' PI...  not such a smart move!! Here's the kicker… he takes this lovely lady to the hotel where we had the party and got a cheap room!!!

In the mean time his poor wife is at home wide awake wondering where this fool is! Oh she has an idea alright... at 0400 she's at the main gate in Subic getting in a taxi cab heading to the hotel where the party was!! She see his car and goes to the front desk… ask’s what room her hubby was in and of course they told her!! She goes up to the room… Kicks down the door...  and there's AO2 all hugged up with this hostess. His wife says…

 "How many friggin' diseases does she have??”

…Good question!!!

I got this story because I had duty the next day...

This my friends is a no shitter...


  1. Once you get in the candy store, its hard to get out...

  2. No PCOD?
    Mike Youngblood

  3. I can appreciate the realism of your postures about Filipina women who migrated to the U.S. by marrying sailors. For the most part, your stories are legitimate and as a Filipina woman, can attest to the same. What is missing is the need to do so as a matter of survival. Destined to either a lifetime of impoverished existence and domestic abuse, or take the one dirty road ahead to overcome.

    While some of our kind failed to achieve social and moral validation by practicing still the oldest profession, most of us became productive, college educated and successful women. We raised children who are now proud Americans serving this wonderful country. Our second generation are children of the American dream we hoped to achieve. Lest we forget the quiet achievers for those who dare to stand still. Don't judge all of us too hastily. From modest beginnings we turned out to be awesome ladies after all.