Monday, May 19, 2014

Liquid Lunches

Anyone recall a liquid lunch at the EN Club?!?


  1. Yup, Fleet Combat Training Center, Dam Neck... We spent many many many a liquid lunch during CIC and battle group team trainers. As long we didn't get shit faced and couldn't do our job the chief and our O's didn't have a problem. Hell that was back in the day when they had strippers in the club on Fridays.

    1. Yep 14 week C school in Dam neck. Made a pact we would get drunk every night, (except Duty night-9 section duty). did it too!

  2. Every time we had signal drills in Mayport. We held our critique at the Delta club afterward. One time we didn't get back for about for about 3 hours and that was the end of that. Just about every signalman in Mayport was drunk on his ass.