Friday, June 12, 2015

'Seaman Samples'

Got this story from a Puddle Pirate named Bob…

Aboard CGC VIGOROUS, we had a Seaman J. Samples! He was pretty good at taking the harpoons he got for his name!! SN Samples had an injury and didn't go on a fishery patrol with us!!!

We were at the mouth of the Thames River and got diverted on SAR (Search & Rescue) case, and were delayed getting home! Some of the crew's wives were waiting at the pier with SN Samples, when they were informed of our change in schedule!! Some of the wives decided to go to a local restaurant for some coffee and breakfast, and they were nice enough to take SN Samples with them!!!

A few weeks late, the ship's ombudsman sent out a newsletter, and one of the stories had the following title…

“VIGOROUS Wives collect Seaman Samples on Street Corner."

… On our next patrol, copies of that newsletter showed up all around the ship!!!



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