Tuesday, September 8, 2015

'Captain's Gig'

A Navy ship is anchored out on a calm bay in a faraway Liberty Port with the boat boom out, Liberty Launch and Captains Gig riding easy!

As dawn breaks a deck seaman is standing watch over the Captains Gig as he boards it to wipe down the morning dew!

Horrified… he has found that someone defecated in the Captain’s Gig and reports this to the Officer-On-Deck!

The news works its way up to the Captain who, understandably is upset, ordering all hands on deck!

The Captain wants to find out who did this dastardly deed!

The Chief Boatswain Mate looks over the side into the boat and tells the Captain…

“It wasn’t anyone in deck department Sir!”

… To which the Captain reply’s…

“So explain to me Boats… How do you know that?”

The Chief Boatswain points to the turd on deck and says…

“It’s coiled to the left… my Seaman are trained to always coil to the right… Sir!”


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