Saturday, July 1, 2017

'Watch Out For Fred'

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During World War II, every Thursday (which was payday) a dance was held at the mess hall and a couple of bus-loads of nurses were brought in from the local hospital.

At around 0800 hours or so, the dance was in full swing when a couple of my shipmates and I noticed another of our buddies dancing very close with an attractive nurse. On the way to the bar each of us would say to the nurse…
“Watch out for Fred!”

She would frown, not understanding what we were talking about.

Later during the dance our buddy suggested to the nurse that they go for a walk in the cool night air, she agreed and off they went hand in hand, during their walk they ended up in the back seat of his car. The car windows steamed up as they were both getting pretty hot and heavy, when the nurse suddenly asked…

“What did your shipmates mean when they said to watch out for Fred?”

He grinned and replied…

“You’re holding him.”


  1. I love read'n yer shit...It's always a great remember of shit we've all seen done or was told it was done...I got a story to tell n I'd like it if you could go over it n fix it so folks understand it... any help???