Wednesday, April 27, 2016

'Hunky Dory'

The expression Hunky Dory, is believed by many, to root from way back when Crackerjack Sailors first spent time on liberty in Japan during the 1800s! The Honcho Dori was the place to be in Yokohama and it was renowned for its booze & brothels!! It’s believed the Crackerjacks of yore combined the word Hunky, meaning fit and healthy, with the street name to come up with the new phrase referring to the good times they had at the Dens of Sin in Japan!!!


  1. I was stationed in Japan for 3 years and never heard that one before. Maybe because I was in Sasebo huh? lol

    1. Good times in Sasebo when my ship visited in '82. The first night there I took a shore patrol watch for a buddy that I owned a car with back in San Diego. My reward for taking the watch was the other half of ownership for the car. I made up for it the next night though.

  2. I like your blog it's interesting thanks