Wednesday, April 6, 2016

'Sick As The Sea And Heaving Is Me'

One day a young Boot had reported to his ship soon to get underway when he shortly found out just as the ship hit the breaker that he instantly suffered from chronic sea sickness!  Damned if he spent most of the first day underway in the head or hanging on the rail chumming for fish!!!

After being approached several times about the pussy patch and eating crackers, he said he preferred the fresh air… it helped some! He said crackers only helped a little but he drank lots of water to keep hydrated!! Boy was he ate up!!!

One afternoon while leaning over the side his Chief came out on deck yelling…

“Get your ass off the lifelines, they weren’t meant to be leaned on!”

While grasping tightly with a death grip he was sure the Chief only had his best interest at hand and rebutted…

"Chief, this ain't no lifeline, this here is a heaving line!"

... And with that he turned to let out another!!!


  1. We had one kid on my first ship (an LST) that got seasick the moment he saw the pier apparently moving when we got underway. He spent the next week heaving. Love unfortunately for him he was an Engineer so he seldom got fresh air

    1. Those "Large Slow Targets" had a tendency to want to go snorkling even in calm seas.

  2. Never once got sea sick. Loved the ocean and the bigger the waves the better.

    We did have one OSSN that puked in CIC. Was pretty gross. Then, without hesitation, OSC sent the OSSN to sickbay, grabbed some rags and started cleaning up the mess. Wasn't above an OSC to clean up after his OSs in more ways than one.