Saturday, April 30, 2016

'Chosen Beer Of The PI'

Top 10 Reasons San Magoo is the preferred beer of all true Expats in the PI

10.    By mid-drunk, your other choices are Red Horse, Mojo, and Bull Frog!
  9.   It’s the best bottled beer on the islands!
  8.   Deposit on bottles made the 3 environmentalists on Luzon happy!
  7.   High alcohol content - could be used start beach-party bonfires!
  6.    It only cost $4 American per case - cheaper than Coca Cola!
  5.   When freeze dried & rolled as a cigarette, is only legal drug on the island!
  4.   Stubby bottle design prevents serious injury when used improperly!
  3.   Brings back happy memories of better days (and nights) in Olongapo!
  2.   There's something magical about watching women drink bottled beer!
  1.    Is listed by FDA as "suitable substitute" for Viagra!

Yeah, yeah, I know times have changed and Olongapo isn’t what it used to be! But there is still only one truely tropical nautical beer - the one that John Wayne, Ward Bond and the rest of that P.T. Boat crew drank in that little bar on Zamboanga in the 1943 movie ‘They Were Expendable.’  Except for the kid that had to drink milk because he wasn't 21 yet.

What else is there to know about the beer that makes every man a tiger, and every woman beautiful?


  1. You mention Zamboanga... Drank some excellent cold Mugoo's at a dockside bar in 1961. It was more or less a provincial town rather than a small city.

  2. Been there and drank a load of Sam Miguel. And you are right, the women seem to get lovelier.

  3. MoJo is always the way to Go. San Magoo, if you want to piss out your ass in the morning.