Wednesday, May 11, 2016

'More Riggin' Bill'

Just the semi-articulate account of a long ago Crackerjack and his troubles & tributes with women and the lost ways of life in those days!!!

Dear Bill:

Every time I began to hear wedding bells you have cotton in your ears! A girl like me has gobs of chances to get married… especially when she works two blocks from the Navy Yard… And I don’t want you to forget that!!  The sea going line you throw out looks good in the moonlight but during the day it evaporates into bilge!!!

Most of my friends are getting married and I’m beginning to think there’s something wrong with me! When they see us together, the girls say the only thing that’s wrong with me is you!! When a sailor is single as long as you have been it begins to get singular!!!

This is the Third date you have broken with me and three strikes is an out!  However, it just happens that my brother who is in the marines is coming to town on Thursday!! He gets in on the three o’clock train at Grand Central so I’ll be there to meet him and I’ll be looking for you as you say you’ll be there too!!!

You will like my brother!  He was the heavyweight boxing champ at the marine barracks in San Diego for three years!! I’ve written him about you and he is very anxious to have a little talk with the two of us!!!

By the way, my brother is rather quick-tempered and he doesn’t like sailors!  However he probably will make an exception if the sailor is planning to be his brother-in-law!! I’ll see you in Grand Central Station dear, and maybe those wedding bells are closer than we both imagined!!!


Annie Knight

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  1. The team at this place obviously loves what they do, as they were beaming the whole time, danced with us till the end of the party, and briefly joined the after party after dropping off our belongings at the hotel! We had a blast at New York wedding venues and all our guests did as well.