Tuesday, May 3, 2016

‘The Bosun Whistle’

This here is some Classical Crackerjack Sea Going Humor… if you take offense then get your panties out of a wad… it’s a joke!!!

We all know what a pain in the derrière it is to wake up to the Bosun Whistle at Reveille underway!  Here are a few anecdotes for your pain…

Why is a low whistle better than a Bosun Whistle?
The low whistle is easier to stomp on!

What’s the difference between a snake and a Bosun Whistle in the road?
People might swerve to miss the snake!

What’s the difference between a Bosun Whistle and a trampoline?
You take off your shoes when you jump on a trampoline!

How do you get the Bosun not to play his whistle at reveille?
You shoot him!

Gentleman defined… A Bosun who knows how to blow his whistle but doesn’t!

In short, if you woke up to the song of the Bosun… you embraced the suck!!!


  1. The good old days of being a Squid!

  2. The good old days of being a Squid!

  3. Ahh yes. I was a BM for half my 20 years. I caused much of that pain; specially since we used to bet on who could play the call the longest and loudest.

    1. I had one of the best twills in the dept. I would love piping the CO before "Standby for a word from the Commanding Officer" We would time each other to see how long we could blow. LOL That was a pun of course but we cracked shit jokes about ourselves before anyone else could.

  4. Can someone please tell me what a radioman's job really was? Before they dropped that rate.