Wednesday, June 8, 2016

'Buy Me Drink Girl'

Buy-me-Drink girl saddles up to you, she sits down, you buy her a lady drink, she presses a leg against you…

You ask for a Mojo… You pour the Mojo down… then your San Migoo!

You've got her worried, she doesn't know if you're a killer, a madman or an idiot – But all you want is to drill her!

She is 18 from Cebu, one of a family of Twenty-Two...

She sends money home but most of it goes on booze and cock-fighting… (She’ll be fighting a different kind of cock tonight!!!)

She is shy at first but after a lady drink or two she’s dry humping in your lap...

It's one a.m. in a dead cow world... You ask her how much for head… drink everything down… it tastes like machine oil...
(you doubt your dick tastes better)

You pay the barfine…  But can’t remember where your hotel is?!?

We’ve all been there… Done That!!!


  1. Yes we have DS. Yes, we have.

  2. "Joe, I love you, no shit ... buy me Porsche!"