Thursday, June 23, 2016

'Navy Training'

While in preparation for Combat Systems Qualifications a Chief on the Combat System’s Training Team (CSTT) became a bit embroiled with an Ensign who thought he knew best on how to train the troops!  Feeling confident in his status he questioned the Chief as to how he could become a member of the CSTT team!! As the Ensign continued on with his braggadocious ways the Chief decided to answer his overture…

“Well this is how it’s done Ensign! You see we show them a bath filled with water, a large bucket, a large cup and a spoon. Then we ask them what the quickest way to empty the water in the bath would be.”

… Then the Ensign chimes in …

“Oh, I see… that is pretty simple. The smarter ones obviously would pick the bucket!”

“No actually, the smarter ones say pull out the plug! How long you been in the Navy again?”

1 comment:

  1. Reminds me of my first ship after I made Chief. The Ensign Division Officer asked me why it was that his blood pressure was up, he had kidney stones, was worried all the time, and I seemed to be calm and in good health.
    I explained to him that there was no sense in both of us worrying over everything, when he seem to be doing such a good job of it.