Wednesday, October 5, 2016

'Chief's Lesson'

The Chief had been having a tingling feeling in the pads of his feet! The Mrs. insisted they get it checked out as it could be a sign of diabetes!! Chief and the wife went to the Doc to hear the results of the test!!!

The Chief’s wife sat in because she knew if it was serious the Chief wouldn't say anything to her about it! Doc said it wasn't Diabetes, but nerve damage probably from carrying a heavy load!! He asked about Chief’s work in the Navy, but Chief said it couldn’t be that!!!

Doc said…

“Well then when was the last time you remember lifting something heavy?”

Chief said…

Well on our recent second Honeymoon, I had toted a heavy load across the threshold!”

… trying to be funny! Then the Chief said…

“The guest cottage really is comfortable, and I can be reached there until she forgives me!”

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  1. Nice form fitting sweater, the kind that Lana Turner used to wear.