Wednesday, October 26, 2016

‘Pulling In’

The Carrier was finally inching up to the pier in Pearl Harbor when the Skipper noticed a sailor on the flight deck gesturing wildly with semaphore flags! He then noticed an attractive young woman standing on top of a station wagon, also waving semaphore flags!! Always concerned about security and never having seen something like this, the Captain barked at his Bridge Signalman…

"What message are those two people sending?"

The Signalman concentrated intently and soon reported…

"Sir, he is sending FOXTROT-FOXTROT and she is sending ECHO-FOXTROT."

Not having any clue as to what these messages could mean, the Skipper dispatched an armed Marine to escort the sailor back to the Bridge! The sailor arrived, out of breath from running up the many ladders to the bridge, and saluted smartly...

"Seaman Endicott reporting as ordered, Sir !"


… shouted the Captain …

"Who is that woman on the pier and why are you exchanging signals FF and EF?"

"Sir, that's my wife, Sir, and she wants to Eat First!"

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