Monday, May 8, 2017

'Conduct Ashore'

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Instead of old cornball stories showing kiddy cartoons full of dancing hippos, talking cows and naughty mice, old Canoe Club Caricatures were full of the life we led and the wonderful no shit stories we had to tell!!!

I always enjoyed cartooning and caricature art! Even as a young boy it went along with spelling naughty words in you alphabet soup and singing song parodies to your own tune! ‘The Preacher’ Owen Bradford gets it!!! 

Hell, I remember getting an ‘In School Suspension’ in Junior High for my not so nice murals of a sexual montage kind of thing going on in history class! I even got swatted on the ass by my High School Principal for drawing nekkit lady pictures on the classroom desk tops!!!

Hell, it didn’t stop there… while everyone else was busy being shit house poets in the shitter stalls, I was into hand drawn pornography on an epic level!!  Gotta love the creativity of some Crackerjacks!!!

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