Saturday, May 20, 2017

‘The Sailor's Dream’

Here is a song for sailors sung bawdy, raw and uncensored. Not for the timid or prissy, this is an example of the entertainment seamen past and present created for themselves in the form of a chantey! I hope you enjoy…

As I was walking down the beach one dark and stormy night
I came upon a whorehouse with its red light shining bright.

I walked up to the welcome mat and knocked upon the door.
Who should answer but a lovely Chinese whore.

She wore a pink kimono, it was open at the front;
I swear I could have counted every hair on her curly cunt.

She asked me what I wanted, I found my voice at last;
"All I want from you is a piece of your lovely ass."

She took me to the bedroom and I laid her on the floor.

I swear I must have pumped her a hundred times or more.

And when I felt it coming that feeling was so grand…
Then I woke up in my sailor rack with my pecker in my hand.