Tuesday, May 9, 2017

'Liberty Pass'

A sailor was trying to sidle out of the base unnoticed, but was seen by a guard. The guard asked him for his liberty pass.

The sailor said…

"Look, shipmate, I don't have any old pass, but that don't bother me none. I have a date with my girl in town. I'm fixing to keep it."

The guard stopped him…

"If you try to get past this gate, I'm afraid I might have to shoot you."

The sailor shrugged his shoulders and replied…

"I've got a mother up in heaven, a daddy down in hell, and a gal in town. And I'm going to see ONE of them tonight!"


  1. Do they still have Liberty Cards?

    1. Apparently in Seventh Fleet as well as Service School Command in Great Mistakes!

    2. On the Kitty Hawk,They were stopped in 1970 when we received a "Z-gram authorizing the change We were in the yards at B4ermerton at the time.I almost started a mutiny when I collecgted them atg morning muster, tghen tore them up in front of my guys!

    3. This is a true story. A 687 class Fast attack Submarine finishing a Regular Overhaul at Mare Island Navy Shipyard. I had three months left my sea tour before going on shore duty. There was two more First Class Petty Officers in the division and got pulled to do some support work for the Chief of the Boat and Weapons Officer.

      This was in 1990 and the base commander finally started pushing for all E3 and below must have Liberty Cards to leave the base.

      When word got around that I was typing them up an E-5 Nuc Machinist mate started mouthing off about how stupid they were. Well the message got modified to say E-5 and below were supposed to have Liberty cards. He blew a gasket and started mouthing off and the fun got started. I was told by the Chain of Command to go ahead and make up several E-5 liberty cards and a couple of days later at Morning quarters started handing out the liberty Cards for E-3 and below after a speech from the XO and the COB that they would only be pulled if they did something wrong.

      I then started passing out the cards to several E-5 and then came to my favorite Nucs machinist mate and tried to give him his and he would not accept it. Finally the XO and Chief of the Boat could not take it anymore and started laughing and then everyone starting laughing about the way he was acting.

      They finally told him that it was all a joke and there was no liberty cards for E-5 and and E-4. The look on his face was priceless. Actually had several requests for liberty from second and First class petty officers. When I finally left they got me back by blocking the gangway and asking me for my Liberty card. A good memory

  2. Friend of mine was on restriction one time for 45 days and decided he wanted to sneak off the ship. His idea was really good all he had to do was shimmy down the moorning line holding the grease trap floating behind our ship. Problem was he slipped off the line right above the grease trap and broke his arm and almost drowned. Hahaha he got another 45 days

  3. Got hurt at end of boot camp, and ended up on medical hold for nearly 3 months. Made me a company Yoeman. We got little mail and no liberty, no phone calls. I filled out the liberty cards for the post boot weekend. It sucked watching people cycle through in less than two weeks and a new crowd show up. There were a few of us a little stir crazy. We started making our own. Someone screwed up and we got Capt's Mast. UA 14/14 no pay loss. I think the CO felt sorry for us because we assigned to "clean" Ricky Heaven.