Monday, March 21, 2016

'Dirty Laundry'

I remember a Chief once telling me…

“I’m ten times the asshole you could ever imagine to be… so don’t try me kid!”

Sometimes they just weren’t bright enough to know who to mess with and who not too!! I guess the author of this little yarn got the best of ‘em at times!!!

There are three people aboard you don't want to piss off!  The Disbursing Clerk, the Cook, and, of course, the Laundry!! Your laundry went to the wrong division? I'm sorry…  You lost some clothes?  I’m Sorry...  You need something pressed for inspection?  Wow… shit happens!!!

Did I press the Khakis for the Officers and Chiefs?  Oh Hell yeah!!

When one of them would give me a hard time… there was torn lagging behind the clothes dryer I could reach and grab fiberglass insulation from which happened to be the same color as the khakis! Put a bit in the crotch, some in the armpits, and let's not forget the neck!!  Press them, and fold them real nice!!  Only needed to do it to one set… then the rest of the week just sit back and watch!!!

When he started itching, we knew we got him! Good times had by all!! Boy did I have fun!!!

Brings new meaning to 'Gett'n your panties in a wad!


  1. My Friend as a retired SHC, I can tell you that we had much better ways if we wanted to... And I sure did...

  2. A classic is to tie the coveralls up in knots. We also sewed the feet of the coveralls shut and the pockets shut and pressed them up nicely. Some reason Chief was late for quarters one day that week and gave us hell.

  3. I never saw pressed clothes......there's not enough starch for BTs clothes.

  4. I was a Galley Watch Captain, and was much better than being on deck force, like I was before...

  5. Nothing like washing their clothes in just then squirm all day especially the underwear.... better then red