Wednesday, March 9, 2016

'Riggin' Bill That's Me' Part II

‘As Promised’

Miss Annie Knight,
Canarsie, Brooklyn,
New York

Dear Annie,

The guy who wrote the song about finding the million dollar baby doll in the fave and dime store certainly must have had you in mind! Yesterday at lunch you sure looked like a million bucks, tax exempt too! Baby, when you turn the full candle-power of those big blue eyes to a sailor like me I go limp as a rag! Honest if we had those eyes on our ship we wouldn’t need those giant seaman lights.  You could just pop open your peepers on a dark night and they would light up the ocean for miles around!

Baby, you complained that the ring I gave you was turning green. Now I wanna warn you about that. When I snatched the diamond from the idol’s eye in that temple in India I forgot about the legend that goes with it! Whenever the girl who wears the ring gets jealous, the whole ring turns green! It all ties up with an ancient Indian curse I will tell you about when I see you again.

In other words Annie you been start’n to doubt me.  I could tell it in your letters and at lunch. You don’t believe in Riggin’ Bill as strong as you used to! Naturally the ring reflects your mood.  Stop worrying about that Park Avenue dame and rub a little baking soda on the ring. It will trun back to its original color.

I won’t be able to see you on the weekend as the USS Fox is doing patrol work around Long Island.  Remember, don’t worry and don’t forget the baking soda!!!

Your Sea-Going Sweetheart,

Riggin’ Bill

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