Thursday, March 17, 2016

'Riggin' Bill' Part III

Seaman Riggin’ Bill,
Navy Yard Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dear Bill:

If you think that our art class is going to allow your handsome, sea going profile to get away from us you’re mistaken. For a month we’ve been touring the waterfront looking at sailor’s shapes, sizes and noses hoping we’d find a suitable model for what we believe will be the best war poster ever produced. Your face and figure are what the doctor ordered and we intend having it as our model. We say, “Art is Riggin’ Bill and never mind about the fleeting” – maybe a little flirting, but only after classes. Just to pin you down so the females of the nation can pin you up… I’ve written to my father who is a very important Congressman in Washington.

My Dad acts like a depth bomb on the Navy when he starts bellowing around demanding something so you might as well make up your mind to come quietly.  I’m the apple of his eye and he never lets anyone make applesauce of his good intentions, so why not be reasonable about it? Just what have you got against posing for our art class anyway? Wo knows, you may be the first pin-up boy the Armed Forces produce – perhaps the movie actresses will be pinning up your picture instead of vice versa?

We’re so confident that we’re going to get you as a model we’ve already begun to get the studio in order for your reception.  We really did need blackout curtains anyhow, and we’re getting them just in case we decide to work overtime. Please don’t misunderstand our intentions. We want to paint – not pant! Therefore, come in your Navy whites so it will contrast with the nice tan you have.  We promise not to harm a hair on your head if you come – if you don’t, pappy won’t like and pappy packs a lot of weight in Washington!


Annie Lawes

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