Wednesday, March 2, 2016

'Riggin' Bill - That's Me' Part I

They say…”Volens et Potens”… is Latin for… “Mothers lock up your daughters!”

Actually it's "Cataracta Sursum Vestri et Filiae Parentes"... but that's another story!

So, I got some great stuff from the last big one, WWII that I transcribed for all to read! Don’t know if you ever heard of Riggin Bill, but these are a series of letters back and forth between him and his ‘Will Book’ of Girl friends!!! Pretty entertaining to say the least!! You know the ol’ saying…

“Well Blow Me Down, I’d love to drop Anchor in Her Port!”

Seaman Riggin’ Bill,
Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Listen, you surf-board sailor, if you think you can stand me up and explain it away with a phony yarn about a society dame, you’ve got gremlins in your gyroscope!  You say you kept your mouth shut when the wine spattered over you… What a laugh!! You never passed up a drink in our life and now, as far as I’m concerned, you can go jump in it!!!

Don’t come around the five and ten where I work flapping those baggy pants of yours and rolling your sea-green eyes! The last time you came in I got so confused I couldn’t remember the prices of the merchandise!! Honestly you display more nerve than the mirror in a dentist office!!!

I waited by the Navy Yard gate for two hours yesterday and passed up plenty of good chances there, believe me! I guess you forgot they have a lot of handsome Marines guarding that gate and waiting just for a girl in a perfect tizzy of temptation!! I’ll give you one more chance but don’t ever mention the name of that Park Avenue play-girl again!! If you do, you’ll have scratches on your hatches, my sea-going sweetheart!!!

What you need, Riggin’ Bill is an anchor and I could provide it if I had a chance to squeeze some of that salt spray outta your system! Remember, another stand-up and we’re through… and I’ll return the ring you gave me!! Anyhow it looks a lot like the merchandise at our jewelry counter!! Good-bye for now and don’t wave at any Waves!!!


Annie Knight

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