Thursday, March 30, 2017


In the 1980s Saddam Hussein committed horrible atrocities against the Kurds to the north while bombing cities and raiding his eastern border in a ten year war against the Iranians! All of this was before invading Kuwait and causing all sorts of worldly mayhem!! That was before we wrought havoc on his armies and sent them crawling on their knees back to Baghdad!!! 

… Maybe that was wrong of us ...

Maybe folks would have been happier if we flew over Iraq and sprinkled Skittles on them so they could taste the rainbow! But the fact remains we didn't!! We chose to end the War with a decisive blow and defeated their asses all the way up the highway of death!!!

You know what they say… “Mess with the Bull and get the Horns!”

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  1. My last 2 ships (a Spruance Destroyer & a Nuclear powered Cruiser) I spent time in the Gulf escorting oil tankers. This was in the 80s when we didn't have carrier planes overhead, or backup anywhere nearby. We were basically on our own.
    My ship had just been detached the day before the Stark was hit. I still think Iraq did it on purpose.