Saturday, March 18, 2017

'What Can I Get For Twenty Dineros'

A Crackerjack Sailor was sitting around the ship bored as hell and feeling horny! He digs around in his locker for loose change and comes up with Twenty Bucks and heads for the local brothel!! He approaches the madam and says…

"I only have Twenty Dineros but I am so horny! Please, please I just need to fuck something!"

The madam says…

"OK, If you’re that desperate I’ll let you fuck a goat!"

The madam instructs him to go to the first door on the right! Once there, he sees a goat tied to the corner and a large mirror on the wall!! He proceeds to go behind the animal and fucks away like crazy, finishes and leaves!!!

A couple of days later, he feels horny again, digs around and finds Fifteen Dollars! He goes back to the brothel and tells the madam he only has Fifteen Dineros but he’s really horny and wants to fuck the goat again!! She tells him he fucked the goat so hard he killed it!!!

Instead, she could let him watch two women mud wrestle for Fifteen Dollars! The guy agrees and she instructs him to go to the second door on the right!! He walks into a dark room and sees a few guys sitting in front of a large window watching two women mud wrestle!!!

Sitt’n there he gets pretty excited and says to one of the other fellas in the room…

"This is great!"

To which the other guys say…

"Yeah, but you should have been here a couple of days ago when they had some guy fucking an ol’ goat!"

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