Wednesday, March 1, 2017

'Whack It Off'

A marine, an Army grunt and a Navy Sailor were in a bar having a beer while a cute lady bartender is chopping lemons and limes with a big cleaver! After several beers, the Army grunt decides to show how tough he is, he says as he lays his little finger on the bar top…

"Bartender, Whack it off."

The Bartender obligingly swings hard and lops off the digit. Not to be outdone, the Marine rolls up his sleeve and lays his whole right arm on the bar top…

"There, lop that off!"

Incredulous, the bartender, says…

“Sir, I can't whack that off, are you fucking nuts?"

"No, go ahead, I don't need it, I can use my left one to wipe my ass!"

Whoop, she lops it completely off! So for a minute all are in disbelief, then the Sailor dude unzips his fly and whops his manhood upon the bar. The dumbfounded bartender has had enough…

"Are you completely sure you want me to whack that off?"

"Hell no lady, just unbutton your blouse, let me play with those giant titties and I’ll give myself a few strokes, it’ll come all by itself!"


  1. Damn, like Jackie Gleason used to say "How Sweet it is"
    and me, How sweet it was to be a Fleet Sailor in Wespac and Med.

  2. A dedicated rating of Comedian was needed back when the military was training to fight and now all that is missing from the new deal is service numbers for the robots that replace the men who men used to take it to the enemy before writing was replaced by keyboards and men got chewed out.